DreamyMC Wiki

Network Rules

These rules apply across the entirety of our Minecraft: Java and Bedrock edition servers, regardless of gamemode. (Version 4)

Shortened Rules

1. Treat all players with respect.
2. Follow chat etiquette - no advertisements, spam, or excessive caps on any Dreamy platforms
3. If you have issues with anything, please open a ticket on Discord for the team to investigate
4. No stealing or griefing.
5. Be mindful of other player's land claims. Try to build 200 blocks away rom other layers (Indicated on Dynmap).
6. Always PVP with consent.
7. Hacked clients and other unfair modifications to the game are not allowed. Refer to the detailed rules below for specific exceptions.
8. Duping/bug exploitation is strictly forbidden, with the sole exception of TNT. (TNT duping is allowed)
9. Misuse of redstone and farms that lag the server is prohibited. Please check the detailed rules below for additional details.
All rules apply to all Dreamy servers, associated guild servers and server forums
A list of all our rules and the punishments for breaking our rules can be found at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1D4UA4pL_mZ-oxM---JPy_vz3hsPVWd8DRV8bmIBrtj0​
  • All of the above rules must be followed at all times when on Dreamy servers. This includes:
    • MC Game Server
    • Main Discord Server
    • Guild Discord Servers
    • Online forums such as Reddit, MC Forum, PlanetMinecraft, etc...