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What next?

After you go to the earth you can use /kit to receive some free gear (Can claim these every 5 days)
Before you make a base, you might want to join a clan! The list of most clans can be found in #
|clans at our discord server. If you choose to create a clan, you can use /clan help to find info on how to do this. When you make your base the first thing you will want to do is set a home, which can be done with /home set (homename). This will let you teleport to your home by using /home (homename). You can then teleport to other players using /tpa or go to the spawn with /spawn.
To keep progressing you will need to rankup. To rankup use /rankup when having met the requirements. Our ranks require playtime and votes so that you can rankup.
You will want to set up shops in the market and using chest shops, find info on how to do this by looking at Player Market